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Wide & easy to use Green Screen that collapses for easy mobility and storage.
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  • Цена: 13 990.00 р.

Extra Wide

Get the extra space you need to do a variety of chroma key editing – whether it is photo editing in your studio, making videos, or streaming your favorite game online. Get even more angles to shoot with 160X157cm of backdrop space.


  • Collapsible for compact storage and portability.
  • Chroma Green for easy editing.
  • Extra wide for versatile photo, video, or streaming.
Вес брутто 10.1 kg
Вес нетто 6.2 kg
Материал 100% Polyester 500D Canvas, 215 gm, Double PU coating
Размеры упаковки 178 x 17 x 17 cm

Simple Setup, Storage, & Portability

Easily unroll the screen to your desired height and place at your chosen position. Once you are done using the Green Screen simply roll it up for easy portability and storage.


Find the right amount of backdrop space with adjustable height from both the top and bottom part of the screen. Simply adjust the top support rod to find the right height from the top – and adjust the bottom by flipping the switch to find the right ground level.

Photography, Video, & Streaming

Use the Chroma Key Green backdrop in photography, video, and streaming. Easily make the background to the way you want with Chroma keying editing and produce a wider variety of content.


The material is coated to prevent wrinkles from forming, so you get a more even Chroma Key green across the entire editing area. With even lighting, this can save a lot of precious time in editing so you can be more efficient.