Verona Signature PU

38 990.00 р.
Обновленная версия кресла Verona: регулируемые 4D подлокотники, металлическая основа и мягкая экокожа для легкой чистки
  • Категория: Игровые кресла
  • Цена: 38 990.00 р.

Обновленное и улучшенное кресло

Verona Signature PU - обновленная версия кресла Verona! Сохраняя эргономичность и основные базовые функции Verona - Verona Signature PU изготовлено из мягкой эко кожи, теперь ужаживать за креслом просто и быстро, достаточно просто протереть.


  • Soft PU Leather which is built to last and easy to clean
  • Cold molded foam for long-term comfort
  • Soft neck & lumbar support pillows
  • Tough metal frame supporting up to 130kg/ 290 lbs
  • Sturdy metal frame and metal wheel base
  • Pro locking tilt mechanism & 4D armrests

Вес брутто 28 kg
Вес нетто 24 kg
Максимальная нагрузка, кг 130kg
Максимальный угол наклона спинки 165 degrees
Плотность пены сиденья 60 kg/m³
Плотность пены спинки кресла 60 kg/m³
Размеры упаковки 87 x 71 x 32 cm

Ergonomic Design

The Verona Signature PU is developed with Arozzi’s signature ergonomic design, making it easier on your back and posture for longer periods of use. The chair comes equipped with 2 soft adjustable pillows: a lumbar pillow to support your back & a headrest pillow to support your neck and head.

4D Armrest

4 Dimensional Armrests

The armrests are 4-dimensional adjustable, moving with an easy push of a few buttons. With the increased adjustability, your forearms and elbows get the support and comfort while you are working or playing hard during long periods.

Steep Recline

Working long hours and time for a break? Recline the backrest at 4° lockable increments that goes up to 165°. Find the right angle for you that compliments your body and posture.



Rocking Function

The chair can be locked in a fixed upright position or can be unlocked to freely tilt back and forth in a rocking motion up to 12°. Use the tension adjustment wheel underneath the seat to set the desired resistance.

Locking Tilt Function

Like your chair leaned back a few degrees? The locking tilt function allows you to not only rock back the seat & backrest but also lock it in the position that fits you.