4 490.00 р.
The soft velvety Floor Mat is noise dampening and protects the surface of your floors in luxury style.
  • Категория: Аксессуары
  • Цена: 4 490.00 р.

Luxury Floor Mat

The soft velvety Floor Mat is the ultimate luxury office chair floor protector. Roll your office chair around on the noise dampening material with minimal noise.


  • Soft velvety material
  • Noise dampening of chair movement
  • Anti-Slip coated bottom
  • Protects your floor from scratches


Box Dimensions 117 x 11 x 11 cm
Size 116 x 116 cm
Thicknes 5 mm
Вес брутто 2.2 kg
Вес нетто 1.4 kg

Noise Dampening

The soft velvety Floor Mat is made with material to dampen the noise made from your chair rolling around. This is excellent for those who do not want to disturb neighbors or those who live in apartments with neighbors living below.

Protect Your Floor & Anti-Slip

The Floor Mat material is also designed to protect your floor from scratches if you have flooring that is susceptible to damage. On the bottom is anti-slip coating to ensure the Floor Mat stays in the same place while you are moving around.